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HansaHood - international art project for the neighborhood (Le Havre/Berlin)

August 16-29, 2021, Hansaviertel, Berlin

Even before the Covid crisis, the dance company SHIFTS was looking for a new contemporaneity and the binding forces that could hold our society together.
What role does public space play in this?
How can it be designed to create more cohesion?

What SHIFTS started three years ago in Le Havre/Normandy with the RIM event format is being consolidated at HansaHood in Berlin. Hansaplatz becomes a research field for a colorful team of artists made up of dancers, utopians, visual artists and story collectors:

They want to give bodies back to this space. In a place that needs the body as a point of reference, measure and center. With the aim of reopening public space as a place of social interaction and building a social sculpture together with the neighborhood, another "city of tomorrow"...

HansaHood invites you to be inspired, to stay calm and to take courage, to enjoy working together and being productive: Tell your story, come by, be inspired, help shape - go together and become part of a whole .


HansaHood - an international art project with: Henrik Adler, David Brandstätter and Malgven Gerbes (shifts), Adrienne Goehler, Uwe Gössel, Dorian Guérin, Katell Hartereau and Léonard Rainis (le pôle), Thiago Granato, Martin Kaltwasser, Oscar Loeser, Frauke Niemann, Marc Vatinel + guests

production shifts-art in movement
funded by the Performing Arts Fund from the funds of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR and by Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de Normandie, la Région Normandie.

VIDEO "concrete_moves___hansahood" (29:56)

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